My Chaperone the Drone in Pre-Production

My Chaperone the Drone© is a coming-of-age adventure of a teenager who must fight for her Independence from a controlling mother. Our heroine, Megan Millstein, inherits the bulk of her billionaire father’s estate. He leaves her mother, Madeline Millstein, a mere pittance – $1M. Madeline has a young, greedy boyfriend. The two want Megan’s fortune. Megan wants to be an actress and plans to travel alone to a Hollywood audition. No way, says her mother, who wants Megan under her control. Megan feigns a suicide threat. It backfires. The mother from hell commits her to a mental institution.

Fortunately, Megan’s psychiatrist, Dr. Seanna Harrison, is convinced her patient is in trouble because of the money. She offers Megan a way out. If a judge agrees, she will recommend Megan for an experimental Home Security Drone Program for which she is a consultant to test out new technology. A drone will accompany Megan to the audition.

The drone will follow her, talk to her, listen to her and call for help. It has super sensors that detect a weapon – bombs, guns, even chemical weapons. Its GPS guides Megan away from trouble and its empathy sensor monitors voice tone and comforts her. The judge approves the plan, much to Megan relief. She names her bodyguard drone, “Scotty,” after the character in Star Trek. Scotty’s voice is that of Harrison.

On the flight to California, Megan meets Jason Chang, age 24, a young, handsome Asian on his way to a gaming conference. Megan talks to Scotty; Jason thinks she strange. She thinks Jason is a nerd.

When they reach Los Angeles, Megan finds her mother has canceled her credit cards. She asks Jason for a ride in his rental car. Megan crashes in the hotel lobby after her agent fails to show. Jason offers to share his room and sleeps on the floor. Next morning, he takes her to the audition.

After the audition Megan heads to the gaming conference where two Russian agents spot Megan talking to Scotty via her belt. Curious, they follow her, hoping to steal the technology that is clearly more advanced than currently available. Soon Megan and Jason must dodge the Russians and Megan’s mother and her boyfriend who follow them while learning to trust each other after Jason admits he is not who he seems to be.

Shooting a trailer for My Chaperone the Drone are left, Molly Berg, playing Madeline Millstein, and Brianna Askins as Megan Millstein from the balcony scene where Megan threatens to jump.
Director of Photography Erik Calderon getting ready to shoot the trailer for,My Chaperone the Drone, along with Abraham Ayala, grip.
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