Kevin Bui
(Writer / Producer)

kevin bui2

Kevin Bui (Writer/Producer) – Kevin is co-writer of the feature film, “My Chaperone the Drone.” He received his master’s degree in film from the American Film Institute. He is an active screenwriter and filmmaker. Kevin has written dozens of screenplays including shorts and features and published a book of his work for students to use as shooting scripts. His work has won several awards for “best short film”, including a western called “The Whiskey Cowboy,” a drama called “Paradox”, and a science fiction called “Simulation 9.” Kevin recently worked in the writer’s room for a Disney TV show.

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MY CHAPERONE – THE DRONE© is a family/action/adventure feature film targeting the youth, family, consumer drone and gaming audiences, with an original twist on the drone phenomenon. Its heroine, Megan Mills is a 17-year-old billionaire heiress, movie-star-wannabe rebel. She threatens suicide when her mother blocks her chance for a Hollywood audition. It backfires, and Megan is committed to a psychiatric facility.

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