Crossword codes threaten Allied invasion

When English Professor Richard Hardwick’s crossword puzzle contains D-Day codes, he is caught up in a spy chase with a beautiful banker, Elisse Wensler, who is tracking Nazi gold.

Set in London three months before D-Day, Richard uses crosswords to teach his history students. They fill in the blanks; he writes the questions. Two students hear the D-Day codes from soldiers and enter them in a puzzle.  Richard loses his notebook with the puzzle and codes on a train where he meets Elisse. 


A German spy, learns of the codes and launches a deadly journey to deliver the codes to the Nazis, killing along the way and putting the lives of Richard and Elisse in danger.  Meanwhile, Elissa is engaged in a dangerous game involving Nazi gold.  Richard and Elisse join forces to catch the spy, to stop the Nazi gold game and support the Allied invasion.

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MY CHAPERONE – THE DRONE© is a family/action/adventure feature film targeting the youth, family, consumer drone and gaming audiences, with an original twist on the drone phenomenon. Its heroine, Megan Mills is a 17-year-old billionaire heiress, movie-star-wannabe rebel. She threatens suicide when her mother blocks her chance for a Hollywood audition. It backfires, and Megan is committed to a psychiatric facility. ​

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